» » » Mobile Commode Wheelchair, TS-1, Easy to Use and at the Same Time Comfortable, Ref. Bs10055

Mobile Commode Wheelchair, TS-1, Easy to Use and at the Same Time Comfortable, Ref. Bs10055

24.90 84.23  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.

Chair very practical in daily life wheels. Uncomplicated, folding and removable footrest and folding armrests back.

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Silla de Ruedas con Inodor TS-1

Mobile Commode Wheelchair TS-1

Mobile commode wheelchair, a very practical ortopedic product in daily life. Without complications.

Easy to use and at the same time comfortable. The footrests are hinged and removable armrests and swing back. High quality chrome. The rear wheels have pedal brake for safety. Toilet bowl behind large capacity removable

TS-1 (commode wheelchair)

Dear customer: With the purchase of this B+B Iberia ans Asister commode wheelchair you are now the owner of a high-quality German product,
thousands of which are already in professional use. This instruction manual will familiarise you with the use
and maintenance of your B + B commode wheelchair andmake your life safer.
We hope you enjoy our product and are more mobile with it

Do you need a wheelchair to toilet that is easy to use yet comfortable? If so, the wheelchair to toilet Asister TS-1 is the perfect choice.

Technical data

  • Total weight 15.3 kg
  • Total height 97 cm
  • Overall width 56 cm
  • Seating surface
  • (width x depth) 45 x 44 cm
  • Back height 40 cm
  • Height of armrests
  • (the seat) 24.5 cm
  • Chrome color frame



Silla de Ruedas

Attention – safety instructions:

  • Max. load capacity 120 kg
  • Never use the commode wheelchair without an assistant.
  • Use your walking aid on even and horizontal surfaces.
  • Always lock both brakes when using your wheelchair.
  • Do not lean out to the side. Danger of tipping!
  • Make sure that the seat-back screws are tight.
  • The commode wheelchair must not be used by unauthorised persons (particularly children
  • Commode wheelchairs are recommended if the patient cannot use or access toilette because of the disability.

It is called urinary incontinence an involuntary loss of urine.

It can be so discreet that the affected person tolerates without consulting your doctor even or intense enough to require the use of pads or swabs.
This problem has an impact on the social life of the patient, which can avoid any social relationship for fear of being discovered by the smell of urine, which causes him from stress or anxiety to depression.
Urinary incontinence is a problem of great impact on the population. 15% of people over age 75 are affected. It is more common among women by a ratio of two to one compared to men.
Chairs with toilet built are particularly suitable for people with incontinence and are a useful resource in cases where the person has no bearing capacity or can not move to the toilet.

Silla de Ruedas con Inodor TS-1

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 58 × 52 × 58 cm

B+B Iberia, Enjoy Mobility

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