» » » Active Wheelchair REVOLUTION R1, A Model For All The Carvings, Ref: BsA1001.

Active Wheelchair REVOLUTION R1, A Model For All The Carvings, Ref: BsA1001.

775.50  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.

Active wheel chair Revolution 1, is a model for all sizes because it adapts and grows with you for everything and everyone!


Active Wheelchair REVOLUTION R1

For all and for all. A model for all sizes.

The uniqueness of the model Revolution, the new adaptive wheelchair from B + B, is based on their individual adjustability depending on body measurements of each user. Either the height or width of the seat or backrest height – the Revolution model suits or grows with you. From the point of view of building structure, the product is well designed and has been tested in practical application remain stable at each position.

Simple handling.

With diagonal braces, the Revolution model can adjust the seat width to 8 positions, from 32-46 cm. Adjustment marks crosshead support facilitate adaptation. Adjusting the seat depth is performed by a perforated rail and a telescopic rail on the seat, seat depths to reach 36 to 46 cm. The wheelchair can be folded quickly Revolution to be transported or stored compactly.


Revolution in the design of particular importance to ergonomics and functionality was granted. This is evident in the large number of details, such as pneumatic brake developed by B + B convinces with its compact construction, and also the possibility of entering and exiting the chair comfortably. Equipped as standard with many extra elements, the model

Revolution is a versatile companion and well conceived as adaptive wheelchair.

Silla de Ruedas Activa Revolution R1


Load capacity 125 kg

Total weight without rear wheels with rear wheels 10.38 kg 13.46 kg

Total height 82 cm *

Total width Seat width + 17 cm

Total length 93 cm *

Frame color silver metallic

Adaptable seat and backrest
Distance adjustable push bar
Tilt adjustment
Active brake standard B + B

Capacity: 125 kg
Total Weight: 14 kg
Seat width: 32 – 46 cm
Seat Depth: 36 – 46 cm
Seat height: 42-56 cm
Seat Tilt: 0 ° – 17 °
Back height: 30-45 cm
Height: 82-97 cm
Frame color: Metallic Silver

Silla de Ruedas Activa Revolution R1Silla de Ruedas Activa Revolution R1


Esquí adaptado en Javalambre – Teruel

Esquí adaptado en Javalambre – Teruel


En las estaciones aragonesas de Aramón Javalambre y Valdelinares se puede disfrutar de la sensación de libertad del Esquí Adaptado en contacto con la Naturaleza.

Nuestro principal objetivo es la integración social de personas con diversidad funcional a través del deporte blanco. Mediante la promoción del deporte, aumentamos la independencia y ayudamos a descubrir, tanto a ellos como a sus familiares, su potencial social, mental y deportivo.

Tanto los niños como adultos, pueden disfrutar de las diferentes modalidades del esquí adaptado. Para ello, contamos con material específico disponble



ARTICULO Silla de Ruedas Activa REVOLUTION 1,, Ref. BsA1001

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

B&B Iberia Enjoy Mobility
Bischoff & Bischoff GmbH



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