» » » Female Urinal, Snap-on Lid, Ref. AbPR50565

Female Urinal, Snap-on Lid, Ref. AbPR50565

4.64  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.

(Español) Orinal femenino cómodo. Incluye tapa. Capacidad de 1 litro.

Tiene un relieve lateral.

Cuando el individuo no puede llegar la inodoro (incontinencia), pueden utilizarse orinales de mano, cuñas o inodoros portátiles.


Female Urinal

Female 1 Litre (1L) Urinal with Snap-on Lid
Urinals with a snap on lid and calibrated for output recording. Capacity 1 litre.

12 Craziest Urinals

Everybody needs a toilet. It´s one of life´s basic necessities. That does not mean your toilet has to be boring. Sure, you could go with the basic white porcelain commode, that´s the safe approach. But you use the thing every single day, so why not make things a little more interesting?
To give you some ideas for how you might spice up your urination situation, here´s a list of 12 crazy toilets and urinals worthy of the International Museum of Toilets. Check it out and get inspired.

Orinal Femenino

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Weight.4 kg

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