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The origin of one in three sick leave in health care workers is caused to lift any weight incorrectly.

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The electronic patient cranes are an essential tool for caregivers. By simply pressing a button I could lift a person out of bed, toilet or soil. This highly functional support allows the transfer or movement of a patient is carried out by one person, safely and with dignity. Greatly facilitates the work of the caregiver and prevents back injuries.

Our electronic cranes are compact and highly maneuverable. Its range of maximum and minimum elevation allows a variety of demonstrations and solve most problems encountered in home or institutional care. There is a variety of mobile cranes to meet different needs or work settings.

From very compact and compact cranes for home use, and resistant to older cranes for intensive use in institutions. Since bipedestació cranes used to change diapers, dress and undress the patient (commonly used in homes) called “baby changing” a derrick mounted on the ceiling that no space when not in use.


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Designed for transfers with safety and comfort for both the patient and the support staff. Our harnesses are adjustable to different heights, are coded for greater comodidas, and are compatible with cranes hanger having 2 or 4 attachment points.

They are made with the best fabrics and sewn by robots, and have been successfully tested with weights up to 480 kg. That is four times the recommended maximum weight of 120 kg. These harnesses are suitable for both home care and institutional.

The range must be extensive, both in models and sizes for transfers regarding the details matter, and our intention is to provide a professional response to different needs.

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