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CareWave GUIDE, Positioning Cushions, Ref. App01

CareWave offers a large selection of specialized positioning cushions.


CareWave GUIDE, Positioning Cushions

CareWave offers a large selection of specialized positioning cushions. The unique design of the micro-polystyrene beads with stretchable polyurethane covers specific positioning to allow for pressure relief, support and comfort. These pads have an anti-microbial treatment and are easy to clean and disinfect.

The positioning system is versatile CareWave body. Offering support in sizes ranging from children to adults, filling micro-beads only allows a person to care to adjust the level of comfort and support around the body and limbs of the user to protect the skin lesions and help with the positioning of the person when you sleep at night, etc.

By placing the individual, these ultra positioning supple cushions offer ‘dynamic’ support rather than rigid support means the person still can manage changing its position during sleep at night so they can find the effective lying position, but elusive, either supine (face up), prone (face down) or side lying. These pads can be used on beds, on the ground, in wheelchairs and chairs day or anywhere.

Prevention of bedsores

If the person you care for has to spend most of his time in bed, micro-beads cushions CareWave help prevent pressure sores and become uncomfortable for lying and sleeping. Be sure to help the person to change position frequently. Doctors recommend position at least every four hours changing. The CareWave cushions can be useful in providing comfortable position changes.

The cushions are an integral part of the care provided to patients bedridden. Appropriate to each individual case, positioning cushions show its therapeutic virtues. CareWave is used to stabilize the patient’s position and prevent the consequences of being confined to bed (irritations, pressure sores, pain, numbness, etc.) it should be noted that at 90 ° seated risks that increase pressure on the sacrum. Therefore, a semi-sitting position is preferred, with appropriate support cushions (see semi-Fowler and Delta pad)

CareWave radiolucent pads for immobilization

The CareWave range of cushions meet the expectations of the medical staff to assist in the positioning of medical imaging. The fine particle size of polystyrene microspheres are therefore radiolucent and quietly adapt to different morphologies of patients and allows all nurses to ensure proper implementation, perfect comfort and patient safety. Moreover, CareWave cushions are extremely lightweight.

Use cushions CareWave for:

  • Prevention and treatment of bedsores
  • Lying position overnight
  • Avoid asymmetric / destructive positions
  • Wound Care
  • Care pressure
  • Positioning medical imaging

Environments of use:

  • Home care and positioning of the night
  • Hospitals and Intensive Care (ICU)
  • Nursing homes

Tables Theatre during long operations

Dementia rooms etc

Find the perfect combination of pressure relief cushions, including:

Kidnapping – Prevent pressure ulcers around the knee

Cylindrical – multipurpose Support

Decubitus – Supports shoulders, back, hips and knees

Delta – Supports the back or legs

Half-Moon – Headrest, shoulders, trunk, in beds, wheelchairs and more

Heel – Relieves heel / ankle pressure

Head ring – Supports the head

Semi-Fowler – Supports elevated pelvis and knees


Bi-elastic polyurethane waterproof covers

Polyurethane cover processing bio-proof AG Protect


100% polystyrene micro-particles (fine particle size)

Additional cotton or polyurethane covers are available for each pad, except for the heel pad


Clean with detergent or disinfectant usual


The filling of the pillows is composed CareWave polystyrene high quality round micro particles. As thin as sand, extreme small form factor of micro-beads used in our pads allows quick and easy postures, keep the patient comfortable body parts in contact with the cushion, while relieving the pressure on areas at risk of pressure ulcers. Thanks to the combination of these micro-accounts, along with our coverage of bi-elastic polyurethane, our cushions:

They are lightweight and easy to use
adapt to all morphologies
to support and maintain the patient comfortably
help reduce pressure
Expanded polystyrene (used for filling our cushions) is widely used in disposable food containers with very stringent requirements as it is in direct contact with food, with the risk of being swallowed. Several epidemiological studies have been conducted, with significant exposure levels instead of styrene and lack of exposure to other chemicals. These studies showed no association between cancer and styrene. Source: FT2 – INRS

This new antimicrobial bacterial and fungicidal treatment consists of a silver component is very effective in combating the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria and MRSA.

Microbiological testing is performed periodically to determine:

The fungistatic effect against Aspergillus Niger EMPA18, according to standards SN 195921

The antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus Aureaus ATCC 6538, according to standards SN 195920

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