» » » » APOLLO Viscoelastic Cushion CONFORT, Reacts to Pressure and Temperature, Ref.UgHP-27100949

APOLLO Viscoelastic Cushion CONFORT, Reacts to Pressure and Temperature, Ref.UgHP-27100949

107.25  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.

Viscoelastic high quality cushion in contact with the body the foam softens and provides a feeling of floating. It is impermeable to air and liquid.

  • 40x40x5 cm.
  • 43x43x5 cm.
  • 40x40x9 cm.
  • 43x43x9 cm.
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APOLLO cushion Viscoelastic CONFORT

Viscoelastic foam made with high quality through a sophisticated physio-chemical process, the result is a material with an open cell structure with the following properties:

Reacts to pressure and temperature. Contacting the foam softens the body and provides a feeling of floating, distributing weight throughout the body surface and removing pressure points.

It ensures normal blood circulation, since no point is compressed above 30mmHg.

Because of its open-cell structure, the material is permeable to air and liquid, thus providing adequate ventilation to the skin, moisture and absorbs excess heat and always keeps the surface dry and comfortable.

It is radiolucent, anti-static and anti-allergic.

It may be steam sterilized up to 134


  • It includes a POLYCOVER COVER made of woven and breathable polyurethane poliéster.Impermeable: fully protects the
  • mattress but allows air circulation, helping to keep the patient’s skin dry.
  • Elastic: Fits perfectly to the shape of the body, enhancing the properties of anti-bedsore mattresses.
  • Protects against dust mites and microorganisms.
  • Antistatic.
  • Fire retardant.
  • It can be disinfected with alcohol and autoclave (130)
  • You can simply be washed with a sponge and soap solution or washing hata 90. Dryer max. 60.
  • Maximum strength and durability.
  • Taped seams. Waterproofing guaranteed.
  • Protected zipper flap heat sealed.


40 X 40 X 5…PRICE: 76.50 € 

43 X 43 X 5…PRICE: 76.50 €

40 X 40 X 9…PRICE:109.50 €, Model Apolo Seguridad

43 X 43 X 9…PRICE: 109.50 €, Model Apolo Segirdad

Cojín Viscoelástico


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40x40x5 cm., 43x43x5 cm., 40x40x9 cm., 43x43x9 cm.


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