» » » Electric Bed Elevable DALI-LOW ENTRY, Facilitates Mobility, Ref. Ad968

Electric Bed Elevable DALI-LOW ENTRY, Facilitates Mobility, Ref. Ad968

1,246.86  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.

Lower bed 22 cm facilitates mobility for people of short stature or wheelchair, when to stand or climb into bed or Alzheimer's. THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN MAINLAND SPAIN


Electric Bed Elevable DALI-LOW ENTRY

Lower electric bed: 22 cm

The lowest input position facilitates the mobility of persons of stature or wheelchair users at the time to rise or climbing into bed or Alzheimer’s

Electric bed that can be assembled in minutes without tools by one person. The storage space is minimal.

With all the necessary features to make life easier.

Maximum comfort and ease of use guaranteed.
Wooden slats, electrically powered with 4 levels and elevating system electric pistons located at the head and foot position allowing “train” and “antitren” helping you adopt the most appropriate stance.

The head, footboard and rails are made of beech wood.

Includes trapezoid.

Wheel independent brake.

All components are at 230 V in the outside of the bed. By adjusting the hospital bed, a voltage of 24 V is applied and the off state, the bed has no power. It offers maximum safety for patients requiring intensive care, those with migraines or have a pacemaker.

Data Sheet

  • Springing into 4 sections electrically adjustable.
  • System lifting columns
  • Low position of 22 cm.
  • Metal parts sealed with a layer of polyester powder-coated
  • Construction of solid beech / Imitation
  • Integrated system of 24 volts
  • Safe working load: 175 kg
  • Surface of the mattress base: 90 x 200 cm
  • Height range: 22-62 cm (low-entry)
  • External dimensions: 101 x 212 cm


Additional information

Weight 100 kg


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