» » » Shower Stool, Base in U, Facilitates Hygiene,Ref. L2194

Shower Stool, Base in U, Facilitates Hygiene,Ref. L2194

31.97  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.

Shower Bench U-tube structure made of thick aluminum anodized waterproof, with a wide base for stability.


Shower Stool, Base in U

Shower Bench U

 Banco de Ducha

Asister offers different banks to the time of toilet and shower more secure and comfortable.

Both the seat and the backrest are made by injection with high-density polyethylene plastic.

Four legs angled outward to avoid slipping. Handles integrated into the structure. Facilitates Intimate Hygiene.

Structure made of thick tube of waterproof anodized aluminum.

For stability has a wider base.

Height adjustable legs. Asphalt pads to prevent slipping. Comfortable and strong seat with drainage holes.

  • Measures seat … 40 x 40 cm.
  • Height from floor to seat … 34-44 cm.
  • Weight supported … 100 kg.
  • Product Weight … 2kg.



How to take a shower for a person

Regular bathing of a person is important for personal hygiene. Bathing can help a person feel better about yourself, keep intact skin and prevent the growth of bacteria and infections. If you know an elderly person whose health or mobility is starting to decrease, there are things you can do to help promote proper hygiene and safety while showering. With a helping hand during showering or changing the shower for ease of use can go a long way to help an elderly person bathing.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 52 × 45 × 22.5 cm

García 1880 Ayudas Movilidad


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