» » » Arion Sim Slide, The Solution for Putting on and Taking off Therapeutic Elastic Stockings, Ref. Ve440ARI

Arion Sim Slide, The Solution for Putting on and Taking off Therapeutic Elastic Stockings, Ref. Ve440ARI

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(Español) Ventajas del producto Arion Sim-Slide:

Dos en uno (ponerse y quitarse)
Reducción del estrés físico para el destinatario cuidado y cuidador con un material liso
El aumento de la independencia por parte del receptor del cuidado
Las medias elásticas mantienen su presión terapéutica durante más tiempo
Fácil de usar
Ahorra tiempo y dinero
Mejora el cumplimiento del paciente
Llevarlo a cualquier parte


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Arion Sim-Slide

Putting on and taking off elastic stockings, tights and armsleeves are often challenging tasks that recur on a daily basis; both for care recipients and for care providers. Arion has come up with various aids that will make it easier to carry out these actions and with less physical effort required.

Comfort when putting on and taking off open toe stockings

Sim-Slide offers the solution for putting on and taking off therapeutic elastic stockings with an open toe. An essential aid for care providers and care recipients. Using the product, the care recipient can put on and remove the stockings independently, or if being assisted, it makes it easier for the care provider to don the stockings without damaging the skin or the stocking.

Simply Revolutionary

Sim-Slide is the revolutionary new donning and removing aid in one! Open toe compression stockings can be put on and removed easier and faster than ever before.

The donning and removing is very easy: in only a few steps open toe compression stockings can be easily put on and taken off.

Sim Slide

Product benefits Sim-Slide

Two in one (donning and doffing)
Reduction of physical stress for the care recipient and care-giver with smooth material
Increased independence on the part of the care recipient
Elastic stockings maintain their therapeutic pressure for longer
Easy to use
Saves time and money
Improved patient compliance
Take it anywhere


The task of applying and removing of therapeutic compression stockings and tights is often a difficult one, nevertheless, must recur on a daily basis. The Slide Solution makes this procedure easier and less taxing. The Slide Solution offers the total solution. Each compression stocking wearer has a suitable product within the The Slide Solution product range.

The Problem
For some people, compression stockings are vital and must be put on and taken off on a daily basis. This can be a problem for both caretakers and patients, as it is a major source of physical strain. Even patients who are able to carry out the process independently find it increasingly tedious. This often has an effect on therapy compliance.

The Solution
The Slide Solution products are specifically designed to alleviate the problems experienced with compression stocking application and removal. The Slide Solution products are made from a smooth material that has been treated with a special coating. This creates an ultra-smooth aid that vastly reduces friction, minimizing physical effort otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. Its simplicity and ease of use allows patients to enjoy their freedom and independence once again.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 10 cm

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