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Donut Cushion, Very Beneficial for Blood Circulation, Ref. UbO-01 16 100

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Pillow with hole, made with biodegradable bamboo fibers, highly beneficial for blood circulation, is breathable and cool, very resistant

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Donut Cushion

Donut Cushion with, Bamboo Fabric

Almohada con Agujero


Colors: White


Did you know that the Bamboo fabric care of your health?

It is made of biodegradable bamboo fibers that generate very beneficial for blood circulation negative ions. It is very tough. It has antibacterial and fungicidal properties, which acts as a natural deodorant. It is breathable and cool. Help thermoregulation absorbing moisture 60% more than cotton. Ensures optimal rest.


For people who suffer nodular chondrodermatitis helix.


Hand wash or machine with no abrasives. 30 ° C maximum temperature.

You can not use bleach.

You can iron

Can be tumble dried.


Exterior: bamboo fabric

Interior: silicon polyester fiber

Almohada con Agujero


Bamboo is very special. It is a fast growing natural resource whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed in the plant kingdom. It is without doubt one of the most important non-wood forestry products and one of the most important agricultural plants in the world.

Technically, bamboos are grasses belonging to the subfamily Bambusoideae. Over 1200 different species grow world-wide. Various species can reach heights of 30m and more. About 18 million ha of bamboo are distributed in world forest ecosystems, in Asia, Africa, and America.

Almohada con Agujero



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Weight.500 kg
Dimensions50.5 × 12 × 44 cm

Ubio Quality Life

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1 review for Donut Cushion, Very Beneficial for Blood Circulation, Ref. UbO-01 16 100

  1. jade_clot (verified owner)

    Perfecta experiencia de compra en Asister. La almohada ha llegado en 2 días hábiles. Es de buena calidad y parece comodísima. Es para mi madre que sufre de condrodermatitis y no encontrábamos solución para las molestias al dormir. Esperemos que sea tan buena como parece! Gracias!!

    • asister.es

      Muchas gracias!

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