Disco Giratorio
Rotating Transfer Disk 360º, Very Useful With Impaired Mobility or Hip Problems Ref. L2999

The disks  facilitate transfer of people when they are standing or sitting for transferring patients in the car, bed or wheelchair.

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transferencias sentado
Sitting Transfers SystemRoMedic™ – EasyGlide, An Ingenious Invention, Especially Suitable for Levelling out Height Differences, Ref. Ug5020

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, EasyGlide can be used in combination with other manual transfer aids. Click “See also” at the bottom of this page for suggestions on combinations and more information.

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sábana multideslizante
(Español) Sábana Multideslizante 4waySheet, Transferencia Segura y Cómoda, Ref. Ug4WS, MANUAL, CALIDAD SUPREMA

(Español) El lado superior de 4WaySheet es resbaladizo, mientras que la parte inferior es antideslizante. Esta hoja de deslizamiento es impermeable.



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handy handle
Handy Handle, An Easier Grip and Better Leverage, Ref. AbPR41026-R

(Español) Su diseño ergonómico proporciona un agarre cómodo y elimina el agarre incómodo o el tirón del brazo.

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rollo de material deslizante
Sliding Roll Material Single-Use for Transfers, Ref. AdH8902R

(Español) Disponible rollo de material especial deslizante, de un solo uso, para el control anti- bacterias y evitar el contagio de infecciones.aspirador de flemas

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