Contenedores De Pañales ASALVO
Diaper Pail Container Asalvo, VIDEOS, Very Easy to Use and is Also Easy to Clean, Ref. as4011R

The Diaper pail container is an odourless diaper pail in which you can easily store used nappies. You don’t need expensive refill cassettes or cartridges, any bag can be used.

not rated 89.94 166.37  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Contenedor para Pañales SANGENIC MAXI 3
Diapers SANGENIC container MAXI, help maintain a pleasant environment, Ref. Ug854342

Easiseal TM container is simple and discreet use, with a free single collection of diapers and sanitary waste odor and germs. Maxi size.

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