silla con inodoro de habitación
Toilet Chair, FEATURED, With Cover to Hide the Toilet, Discreet and Comfortable, L2211

For use at home or anywhere else where desired. Furniture harmony in keeping with the home decoration..

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Silla con Inodoro
Toliet Chair ROYAL, Commode Chair-Standard Toilet Chair . Low-Profile Design With Stainless Steel Structure, Ref. Ea430

Toilet seat with built-in light, padded and upholstered in blue for the bedroom. Height adjustable.

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Silla CLUB Inodoro
Commode Chair CLUB, Discrete Spectrum, Conceals Well Functions, Ref Ad920

Comfortable chair with built odorless, discrete spectrum cloaking function well for which it was designed, is robust and easy to clean manufacturing.

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Silla con Inodoro Estándar
Standard Toilet Chair, It has a Water Repellent Coating, Ref. AbPR50545-S.

Chair with adjustable toilet has a water-repellent layer, a metal structure and two strong arms that provide good support. Placing the lid can be used as chair. Very elegant design.

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Silla Inodoro de Incorporación. Muy Cómodo
Incorporation Toilet Seat, Very Comfortable, Ref. L2207

Aluminium toilet chair, with a design that leverages the weight and force exerted onto the person is very comfortable, adjustable height. It can also be used anywhere in the home. Removable screwless.

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Silla WC 3 en 1
WC Seat 3 in 1, Is Disassembled Quickly, easy Transport or Storage, Ref.Ad905

Toilet seat that can be used as toilet lift height adjustable, as chair toilet to the bedroom and as auxiliary support for the WC. This chair is removed quickly and easily without tools.

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Silla Inodoro
Aluminium Toilet Chair With Wheels, 3 In 1 Chair, Toilet Seat, Shower Chair and Transport Chair, Ref. 22091

The toilet chair back and seat consists of warm touch armrests with ergonomic wrist posture to give the user greater comfort.

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silla inodoro con ruedas
Toilet Chair with Wheels, Can Be Used As Both the Shower in the Toilet, Practica, Ref. L2169

Toilet chair with wheels thanks to its aluminum structure can be used both in the shower and the toilet. Extremely simple work of the caregiver.

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Silla Con Inodoro Portátil Con Ruedas Asiento Acolchado
Commode Chair, Will Surprise you With its Versatility, Ref. L2300

It can be used as a toilet and inside the home as a wheelchair since its wheels are small and very manageable.

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