silla de ruedas s-eco 2
Standard Wheelchair S-ECO 2, An Excellent Companion in the Standard Class Wheelchair, Ref: BsS-ECO 2,

Adjustable chair to each individual user, flexibly adapted to the needs of its user, even in the version with standard equipment.

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silla de ruedas estandar seco300
Wheelchair Standard S-Eco 300, Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor, Comfortable, Ref: BsS-Eco300

Wheelchair with excelent standard equipment, very comfortable both indoors and outdoors, is well adapted to the needs of the user.

not rated 203.06  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
silla gades vario
(Español) Silla GADES VARIO Ligera, La Silla Más Competitiva y Versátil de la Familia GADES, Ref. AdGV, FICHA Y MANUAL

(Español) Y la única silla standard de acero ligero que se adapta a las necesidades de sedestación de cada usuario.


MANUALSilla Plegable Económica

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Silla Plegable Económica
Lightweight Wheelchairs Eco APOLLO 600, Referencia: AdPL71aa

The wheel chair eco Apollo 600, is one of the lightest chairs on the market, in the range of standard chairs, incorporates all the benefits of a top-line wheelchair.

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silla plegable
CLASSIC 600 Folding Chair, Self Propelled, Ideal for Institutions Ref: AdPL31

Self propelled wheelchair made of steel and chrome, is an economical, high resistance, and ideal for institutions.

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silla de ruedas
(Español) Silla de Ruedas Manual de Acero, Incluye Posapiernas Elevable, Ref. L2233

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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Silla De Ruedas De Transporte Plegable
Folding Wheelchair, For Transporting, Move Our Patients Without Problems, Ref:L2231

(Español) La silla de ruedas ideal para llevarla de viaje y poder trasladar a nuestros pacientes sin problemas.

¡Muy fácil de plegar!

envio gratis asister

Se queda en un reducido tamaño para poderla llevar en cualquier sitio.

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Silla de Ruedas de Acero 8600
Folding Steel Wheelchair, Mod. 8600, Very Resistant to Everyday Wear, Ref. ObATP8600N

Ideal for people who can selfpropel themselves and often take to the streets.

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Silla de Ruedas de Acero 8300
not rated 141.57  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Silla Ruedas S ECO 300 XL Estándar
(Español) Silla Ruedas S ECO 300 XL Estándar, BARIÁTRICA, Capacidad de Carga de Hasta 170 Kg., Ref. Bs2100, PRODUCTO BARIÁTRICO

(Español) Silla de ruedas estándar que gracias a su amplio equipamiento es perfecta para interiores y exteriores.


colchón antiescaras

not rated 413.88  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Silla de Ruedas MINIMAX de Acero Plegable 3
Folding Steel Wheelchair MINIMAX, Up to 325 kg., Folds Easily and is Easy to Transport, Ref. AdPLMAX

Wheelchair MINIMAX a rigid and very stable chair when deployed, especially in comparison with conventional folding wheelchairs.

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silla de ruedas
(Español) Silla De Ruedas Estándar ECCON XXL BARIÁTRICA. Capacidad de Carga hasta los 250 kg. Ref. Bs3000, PRODUCTO BARIÁTRICO

(Español) La silla de ruedas Econ XXL es un compañero estable con una capacidad de carga hasta los 250 kg.


logotipo B&B Iberia

not rated 742.88  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options


Wheelchairs are made mainly in two materials: steel and aluminum.

Most suppliers like Asister have among their models wheelchairs in these two materials.

You must choose one of them depending on user activity.

The less active people (elderly or people with a condition that impides them to manipulate a wheelchair) requires a dependent relative or care person to asist them in using their wheelchairs.

In these cases, steel, heavier than aluminum, stronger, cheaper but equally functional is recommended.