Banda Reposapiernas Acolchado Para Silla Ruedas
Wheelchair Leg Strap, Provides Safety and Security While Traveling, Ref. UgO-3017201

Provides safety and security while traveling on your wheelchair. This provides comfort for both wheelchair users and caregivers.

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Cubre Cojín Antideslizante ONE WAY
(Español) Cubre Cojín Antideslizante ONE WAY. Favorece una buena postura. Ref. AdH8870

(Español) Permite a la persona mantenerse erguida y favorece una buena postura.

Impide resbalarse hacia delante de forma tan habitual en personas que permanecen sentadas durante largos periodos.


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Cojín Antideslizante
Cushion Slip Pad, Prevents Patients From Moving Forward, Ref. AbPR41012

This non-slip pad prevents patients from moving forward. Because of its design, it is possible only move backward.

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MOBILIZER Belt, Closed by Trident for Comfort, Ref. UbO-03 06 582

Mobilizer belt, made of durable fabric and padded with trident closing for comfort.

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Cinturón Transfer 4 Asas
Transfer Belt, 4 Handles, Especially Rehabilitation, Ref. UgATV025

Transfer belt, designed to help make transfers between chairs, armchairs, toilets, etc.

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Cinturón Transfer, 2 Asas
Transfer Belt, 2 Handles, Rehabilitadores Help & Support Staff, Ref. VeAD16

Transfer belt, designed to help rehabilitation and support staff in the task of moving patients, minimizing injury.

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Juego Cierre Imán
Magnetic Closure System, Key, Stem Metallico and Button, Ref. UbO-04 09 300

Close magnet for attachment to a chair or bed. It is composed of a key, by a metal rod and a plastic color magnetic button.

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