Alfombras Para Ducha Y Bañera. Medidas: 54 x 54 ó 93 x 35 cm. Reducen el riesgo de resbalarse.
Shower and Bath Mats, 95 x 35 cm., Reduce the Risk of Slipping, Ref. AdH1805

Carpets for bath and shower, very practical preventing falls and reducing the risk of slipping, have excellent grip due to the large number of suction cups.

not rated 14.39 25.48  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
asidera de bañera
Bathtub Grab Bar Ref. AbPR45422

Bathtub grab bar with hand-holds for added security. Clamp can be adjusted from 76-177mm (3-7″).

not rated 31.97  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Asiento Giratorio de Bañera ENEA INOXIDABLE
Swivel Bathtub Seat, Stainless Steel, Allowes In and Out Of The Tub with Little Effort, Ref. Ap0402046

Bathtub swivel seat allows the user to enter and exit the bathtub with little effort, with seat lock lever and drainage holes.

not rated 97.24  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Asideros QuattrooPower
QuattrooPower Handles, Strong Support Without Drilling, Ref. AbRO1400265-S

QuattrooPower handle solid support without drilling, provides firm support exactly where you need it.

not rated 378.88  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Agarre Bañera Giratorio handicare
Swivel Grip HANDICARE Bath Solution Perfect for Entering and Leaving the Bath Safe, Ref. Ug10879

Bath grip is rotating and provides an ergonomic and strong hold to make the transfers in the most comfortable position for the user.

not rated 53.52  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Reposabrazos Auxiliares De Aluminio
Aluminum Armrest Assistants, A Very Practical Solution, Ref. Ad501EL

Auxiliary Aluminum armrest, this is a practical and economical solution especially when you do not want or can not make holes in the walls.

not rated 39.90  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
sujeción universal
Universal Clamping Bath, Bath Universal Belt. Ref. UbO-03 06 582a

(Español) Indicado para usuarios con problemas de movilización.

Evita las caídas de la bañera, asegurando una sujeción eficaz para el usuario.

not rated 13.59  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Elevador WC RAISER Con Apoyobrazos Y Tapa HANDICARE. Apoyobrazos giratorios independientes y extraibles de 3 alturas.
WC RAISER Elevator with Armrest and Lid, The Rotary Armrest Independent Removable, 3 Heights, Ref. Ug10659

This increases lifting height toilet a toilet seat, every user can adjust up to 3 different heights.Easy to install, without tools!

not rated 139.27  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart

Safety in the Bathroom

Safety in the bathroom: With its slippery and hard surfaces, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home.

Seguridad en el Cuarto de Baño

Staying safe in the bathroom is important for people with joint pain, muscle weakness, or physical disability and the elderly.

If you have any of these issues, you will need to take precaution in your bathroom.