Pijama Largo Cremallera En Espalda Y Piernas
Pyjama, Long Zipper in the Legs, Especially Suitable for Patients with Dementia, Ref. UgATV081

Long Pyjamas, especially suitable for patients with dementia; has sleeves and long to use as pajamas and the rack is placed on the back for easy placement legs.

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Pijama Corto Cremallera En Espalda y Piernas.
Short Pyjama, Zipper on Back and Legs, Ref. UgATV-2080

Short Pyjama Zipper on Back and Legs, indicated for patients with dementia, the patient can not remove it without help or manipulate the swabs.

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Babero Rizo Cierre Lazo o Corchetes
Towel Bib, Loop Closure, It Protects the User From Stains, Ref. VeAd150

Health bib made cotton terry and PVC raincoat for rapid absorption and retention of fluids.

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Baberos Desechables Adulto 3 CAPAS iD CARE
Adults Disposable Bibs, 3 Layers, Protects Your Clothes, Ref. ID852400, 1 Bag / 100 pcs., 1 BOX 600 UDS.

The disposable BIB CARE protects clothes during mealtimes, both children, the elderly, residential care and nursing homes.

7.66 54.72  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
babero traqueotomía estandar
(Español) Babero Traqueotomía Estándar. UNIDAD o PACK 10 UDS. Prevencion del exceso de mucosidad. Ref. UbO-704902

(Español) Utilice un pañuelo protector del estoma como el babero traqueotomia estandar.

Para que actúe como filtro e impida respirar aire frío.

Antibacterias, antihongos, antiolores…


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Camisón Hospitalario Manga Corta.
Short Sleeve Hospital Nightgown, One Size, Basic Garment, Ref. UbO-07 06 102

Hospital gown with short sleeves with ribbons rear closure allows easy, convenient and quick recognition. Unisex.

not rated 18.99  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Bata camisón
Patient Nightgown, Closing at Neck and Waist Bands (LH side.) Ref. UgPG59,

Patient Gown 1st quality back coverage, closing with ribbons on neck and waist.

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pijama sanitario colores 3
Pijama Unisex, De Manga Corta Disponible en 4 Colores, Cuello Pico, Ref. UbO-VLPG104

Pijama sanitario unisex, manga corta, cuello pico, en colores: Marino, Frambuesa, Morado, Gris Oscuro. Todas las tallas.

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