limpia cristales
Glass Cleaner, ARRIXACA, Highest Quality Cleaning Product for the Right Price, 5L. /Bottle, 4 Bottles/Box…20 Litres, Ref. Ar90006 5

Liquid cleaner to be used specially for the cleaning of glasses and articles of glassware.

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elimina manchas de cal arrixaca
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(Español) Lavavajillas Poder Desengrasante, 12 Botellas-750 ml./ 1 Caja, Indicado Donde Existe una Acumulación de Grasa, Ref. Ar70410 6

(Español) Este lavavajillas es un eficaz desengrasante, libre de sosa cáustica, indicado donde existe una acumulación de grasa.

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limpiador amoniacal
Ammonia Cleaner, 5 Litres, It Degreases and Cleans, For any Kind of Dirty Surfaces; Fats, Oils, Waxes. Ref. Ar90001 0

AMMONIA CLEANER 5 Litros AMMONIA CLEANER 5L Description: The ammonia cleaner has a degreaser high power, ammonia base used in … Read More

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Fregasuelos floral
Fregasuelos Floral, CIDALIM, Garrafa de 5 litros/ 4 Garrafas 1 Caja, Un Perfume Floral que no Dejara a Nadie Indiferente, Ref. DroZ3750

El uso es muy sencillo solamente tendrá que diluir el fregasuelos con agua en un cubo, la proporción del limpiador será dependiendo del nivel de suciedad.

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Papel Higiénico
INDUSTRIAL Ecological Toilet Paper, Ecological, Recycled, Double Layer, Ref. Dro911

INDUSTRIAL Ecological Toilet Paper, 2 sheets, Canute-45 mm., 2H Bundle / 18 Rolls Industrial Toilet Paper, pack, ecological, recycled, double … Read More

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Contenedor para Pañales SANGENIC MAXI 3
Diapers SANGENIC container MAXI, help maintain a pleasant environment, Ref. Ug854342

Easiseal TM container is simple and discreet use, with a free single collection of diapers and sanitary waste odor and germs. Maxi size.

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Cartucho de Recambio SANGENIC EASYSEAL
Replacement Cartridge SANGENIC EasySeal, Antibacterial Treatment, Ref. Ug854338

Sangenic diapers container wrapped individually and isolates soiled diapers in a plastic multi-layer film with an antibacterial which controls 99% of germs and odors.

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