Care Wet Wipes
Care Wet Wipes, Cleansing Wipes are Indispensable for Your Hygiene, Ref. 163692.8

Care wet wipes come in a flat packet with a plastic flip top lid which seals easily to help prevent drying out of the wipes

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Bide MIBIDE, Utilizar tu Inodoro como un Bide 3
Bidet MIBIDE, Use Your Common Toilet Bidet, Enjoy the Comfort, Ref. MI001

Bide MIBIDE have the option of hot and cold water flow regulation for proper use of the sensitivity of your skin.

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Espuma Limpiadora
CARE Cleansing Foam, Body Foam Gently Cleanses all Parts of the Body, Ref. iD859983520

Contains Calendula floral extracts, known for their soothing properties.

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Toallitas Absorbentes De Papel. Secas y suaves. Impresionantes para pieles sensibles.
Toallitas Absorbentes de Papel, Secas y Suaves, Son Impresionantes para Pieles Sensibles, Ref. iD86320

Con la absorbencia estupenda, sin pelusa, suavemente en el tacto, degradable, eco-friendly.

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manopla de lavado
(Español) Manopla de Lavado de CARE, Propiedades de una Toallita con la Comodidad de un Guante, Ref. 85310, Embalaje: 1 Bolsa/50 UDS. – 20 Bolsas/1 Caja

(Español) Guantes desechables de un solo uso de lavado de material suave y absorbente diseñada para proteger la piel del cuidador. Libre de látex.

Embalaje: 1 Bolsa/50 UDS. – 20 Bolsas/1 Caja

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esponja de espuma
Disposable Soapy Foam Sponges, 1 Bag=24 UDS. x 25 Packages = Total 600 UDS., o 1 Box=5 Bolsas = Total 3,000 UDS., Without the Addition of Chemicals, Ref. iD167052.6

(Español) Especial para limpieza e higiene del paciente con dificultad de movimiento.

Humedezca ligeramente la esponja y presiónelo un par de veces hasta que usted consiga la espuma deseada.

Entonces aplíquese directamente sobre la piel y siga con la limpieza de cuerpo.

BOLSITA: 24 UDS., BOLSON: 24 UDS. x 25 Paquetes = Total 600 UDS.

CAJA: 5 Bolsones, Total 3,000 UDS


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babero traqueotomía estandar
(Español) Babero Traqueotomía Estandar, PACK 10 UDS, Prevencion del Exceso de Mucosidad, Ref. UbO-704902

(Español) Utilice un pañuelo protector del estoma como el babero traqueotomia estandar.

Para que actúe como filtro e impida respirar aire frío.

Antibacterias, antihongos, antiolores…


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Contenedor para Pañales SANGENIC MAXI 3
Diapers SANGENIC container MAXI, help maintain a pleasant environment, Ref. Ug854342

Easiseal TM container is simple and discreet use, with a free single collection of diapers and sanitary waste odor and germs. Maxi size.

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Diaper Pail Container Asalvo, VIDEOS, Very Easy to Use and is Also Easy to Clean, Ref. as4011R

The Diaper pail container is an odourless diaper pail in which you can easily store used nappies. You don’t need expensive refill cassettes or cartridges, any bag can be used.

not rated 78.65 159.72  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Gorro Champú OASIS. Desechable. Lavado sin agua.
OASIS Shampoo Cap, 1 Cap per Pack, 20 Caps per Box, Pleasant for the Patient and Easy to Use, Ref. AbPR45110

The conditioning shampoo is released into the hair and absorbed back into the cap leaving the hair towel dry.

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Vinyl Gloves – Aachen, 1000 Units/10 Boxes, Do Not Contain Natural Latex, Ref. iD160835.4

(Español) Este guante está disponible en color natural, tanto con polvo como sin él, y es ambidiestro.

FICHA TÉCNICA, 1 Bolsa/100 UDS., 1 CAJA-10 Bolsas/1000 UDS.

not rated 3.42 34.21  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
guantes de nitrilo
(Español) Guantes de Nitrilo AACHEN, Una Alta Protección Contra Productos Químicos, Ref. iD85710ZPCV, 1 Bolsa/100 UDS., 10 Bolsas/1 Caja, 1,000 UDS.

(Español) Uso recomendado en el ámbito sanitario, para extracciones de muestras y manejo de citostáticos. También en la industria de la alimentación, laboratorios o en cualquier ámbito en el que se manejen aceites, grasas o productos químicos.

1 Bolsa/100 UDS., 10 Bolsas/1 Caja, 1,000 UDS.

not rated 4.83 48.30  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Sanebath KIT, Considerable Advantages for the Patient and the Carer, Ref. KAsane

Sanebath is a plastic sheet that allows the showering of someone who is confined to bed without the necessity of moving them.

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gel id care
Care Cleansing Gel CARE, 2in1, Leaves Skin and Hair Feeling Soft, Ref. iD859986020

This emollient cleansing gel gently cleanses the skin, leaving skin and hair soft and delicately fragranced.

not rated 3.60 40.20  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
leche hidratante
CARE Cleansing Milk, 3 in 1 Action: Cleanses, Nourishes and Moisturises the Skin, Ref. iD859986300

(Español) La leche hidratante CARE limpia la piel suavemente. Deja la piel suave, hidratada y delicadamente perfumada.

12 Unidades/ 1 Caja

not rated 3.75 42.09  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options

The cleanliness and hygiene in senior centers becomes a key element for anyone looking for excellence. Otherwise, the managers of geriatric centres risk losing the trust of its users, in addition, of course, consequences of medical implications in the health of geriatric residents.