Silla de Baño Infantil MANATEE
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silla basculante
(Español) Silla Basculante de Ducha FLAMINGO. 4 Modelos. Para niños y adolescentes. AdD-880003-NL

(Español) Flamingo es fácil de limpiar y facilita la higiene personal.

Se ajusta en altura y se puede adaptar al w.c.

O se puede utilizar con un orinal.

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silla de baño infantil
Dolphin Bath Chair, For Use with Children with Mild to Moderate Positioning Needs, Ref. DrDO2000

(Español) Marco de aluminio duradero y ligero para llevar con facilidad y fácil de limpiar.

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silla infantil de baño
Child Chair Bath, Equally Practical for the Living Room or the Beach, Ref. AdM012

Infant bath seat, designed for swimming, but also practical for the living room or take it to the beach.

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Estructura Para Baño Otter, Sistema Multi Ajustable 5
Sistema de Baño Otter, DESTACADO, Tallas: Pequeña, Mediana, Grande, VIDEO, Un Sistema Multi Ajustable, Ref. DrOT1000, PRODUCTO ESTRELLA

Estructura para baño OTTER, regulable, reposacabezas y cinturón de serie. Posibilidad de acoplarlo a una base de ducha con ruedas o una base para la bañera.

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Banqueta para los Pies, Garantía y Estabilidad
Foot Stool, Warranty and Stability Ref. L2341

Stool feet, with a base covered in rubber that provides greater security anti slip, so that gives you maximum confidence anywhere in your home.

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sistema de baño
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Asiento Inodoro Infantil
Children Toilet Seat is Manufactured in Three Sizes, Ref. Ad515P

Child toilet seat, made of high strength plastic. Variety in three sizes for ages 2-13 years. Built with safety belt.

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Cubre Escayolas Para Adultos
Cubre Escayolas Ref. AbPR45081

(Español) Cubre Escayolas sencillos y cómodos de pierna, pierna muslo, brazo, antebrazo, pie tobillo o mano para adultos.

El protector de yeso es reutilizable.

Se aconseja que sea utilizado por un solo paciente.


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Bathroom aids: the bathroom is the best time of the day if you have everything you need. Spoil your child with gel, shampoo, or your favorite cologne. You can find here in Asister the best products for bathing or showering your child. They serve for giving a greater comfort and daily enjoyment in the care of your child.