Taza Kennedy, Previene Derrames
Kennedy cup specially designed to prevent spills, Ref. AbPR65025

This large handle light cup is specially designed to prevent spills.

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Tazón Caring Mug, Transparente con Dos Asas
Caring Mug Bowl, Transparent with two handles, Ref. AbHCAA5710W

Caring Mug transparent bowl with two handles and nozzle.

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cubiertos infantiles
Children covered CARING, Ergonomic Handle, Ref. AbHCAA5575

CARING cutlery, knife, fork and spoon child with ergonomic handle

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Bol Scooper Rojo, Evita el Deslizamiento
Scooper Bowl Red, prevents slippage, Ref. AbPR65004-R

Scooper Bowl, its high edges help children eat without spilling food. The gum base shaped ring prevents slippage.

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Plato Térmico (con agua), Plato Hondo
Thermal plate (with water), Easy bowl of Use, Ref. AbPR65110N

Deep, easy to use thermal plate. Pour the hot water through the hole and tighten the valve plug. The food will stay warm.

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Babero Infantil Violeta con Mangas
Children Violeta Bib with Sleeves, fastened with Velcro Waterproof, Ref. AbALB020

Infant bib waterproof neoprene sleeves fastened with Velcro and elastic cuffs. Velcro closure. Suitable for the dryer.

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Babero Infantil Violeta Pequeño
Bib Violeta Small Children, Water Resistant Neoprene, Ref. ABALB010

Children neoprene, waterproof and soil-repellent bib. Snaps secure the closure. Includes food receptacle.

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tritet babero
(Español) Tritet Babero, Ideal para la Recogida de Babas en Casos de Salivación Moderada, Ref. ABsorTrit

(Español) Cierre seguro por medio de botones a presión.

Fácil de limpiar y secar.

Forma ergonómica para una mejor adaptabilidad al cuello del niño/a.

Ideal para la recogida de babas en casos de salivación moderada.

not rated 8.09 14.07  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
taza alimentación
Adjustable Feeding Cup, Opening 4 y 8 mm. (Par),Vertical drop or a Angular Position, Ref. AdH5754

With teat cup which can be positioned vertically or in an angled position where the lower head tilt is required.

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