asiento para bañera
Aluminum Bathtub Seat, Weight Max. 135 kg, Provides you With your daily Grooming Safely, Ref. L2296

Bath-tub seat facilitates daily grooming safely, made of aluminum with covers on the ends so it does not slip. The seat has holes that facilitate water drainage.

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Asiento para Bañera con Respaldo y Forma de U
Bath Seat with Backrest and U Shape, Max weight 135 kg. Ref. L2297

Bath-tub seat made of aluminum with plastic seat and back. Safety is absolute, can be granted, giving comfort and safety while we wash.

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Asiento Giratorio ARUBA B&B Iberia. Adaptar a las necesidades individuales.
Swivel Seat ARUBA. Adapting to individual needs. Ref. Bs1009

Ergonomically designed swivel seat, adapts to individual needs, is available in a soft blue or neutral white tone.

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asiento giratorio
Swivel Bathseat, No Formal Installation Required, Security Guaranteed, Ref. Ad536inox

Swivel seat of robust construction, stainless steel and epoxy coated white color, no maintenance, no work!

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silla de baño
Folding Bath Seat, Height Freely Adjustable, Safe and Stable, Ref. L2198a

Folding bath, very safe and stable, which incorporates an anti-folding safety device, designed with rounded shapes and without harsh edges. Max Load Weight: 135kg

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Asiento Giratorio
Swivel Bathtub Seat, Stainless Steel, Allowes In and Out Of The Tub with Little Effort, Ref. Ap0402046

Bathtub swivel seat allows the user to enter and exit the bathtub with little effort, with seat lock lever and drainage holes.

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asiento giratorio
Aluminum Swivel Seat, Provides Fast and Affordable Solution, Ref. Ad536alu

Swivel seat that provides a quick and economical solution for homes with bathtub, safety is absolute.Without works!

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Asiento De Baño De Listones ATLANTIS. Proporciona un lugar cómodo y seguro.
(Español) Asiento De Baño De Listones ATLANTIS. Proporciona un lugar cómodo y seguro. Ref. AbPR46040

(Español) Esto hace que sea ideal para personas que tienen restricciones de fuerza o movilidad que hacen difícil ponerse de pie.

Con ventosas para agarrar la superficie del baño…seguridad el asiento del baño.

Máximo peso de usuario seguro: 190 kg.


not rated 32.31 34.75  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Banqueta de Baño SAVANAH - Asister
Bathroom Bench SAVANNAH, With Stainless Materials, Ref. AdH1155

Bath bench, made of reinforced plastic and stainless materials, is comfortable and has good drainage to drain water. Max Load Weight: 130kg

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banqueta de baño
GEMINIs Bath Stool, fits perfectly Preferences Every Person, Ref.Ad532

Bath bench, convenient seat height adjustable to ensure that adapts perfectly to the preferences of each person. Constructed from aluminum and plastic, fully stainless and yet very light and easy to transport.

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Asiento de Baño
COSBY Bathtub Seat, Innovative Design, For Safety has 4 Suction Cups on the Legs, Ref. AbPR46408

The Cosby Bath Seat has a generous, specially designed seating area that provides a comfortable and stable platform for the larger user.

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banqueta de baño
Aluminum Bath Stool, Plastic Designed to Giving Stability and Trust, Ref. L2294

Bath bench, aluminum and plastic, designed to give confidence and stability to people when they are inside the tub. It is height adjustable.

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Silla para Banera
Bath Bench, Chair, VIDEO, Stay In and Exit Out of the Tub Without any Risk, Ref. L2198, STAR PRODUCT

(Español) Ventosas extra grandes proporcionan mayor estabilidad y seguridad mientras se una el banco.

Fabricada en aluminio y regulable en altura.

Tiene una altura ajustable.


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Banco de Bañera de Aluminio
Transfer Bath Bench, A Design That Permits a Chair Inside and Outside the Bath, Ref. Ad539

Bank aluminum tub, adjustable height. Two legs inside and two outside are placed. The transfer in and out of the tub is thus more comfortable and safer.

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Tabla de Bañera FRESH
Etac Fresh Bath Board, Sturdy Brackets to Make Washing Safe and Easy, Ref. Ad559

Design awarded for its superb design and excellent functionality.

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Tabla de Baño BB-80, Autonomía y Seguridad
Table Bath BB-80, Autonomy and Security in Daily Life, Ref. Bs1016,

Table bath, we know what matters the safety and autonomy in everyday life when it comes to people requiring care. Asister presents practical tools with attractive design.

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Tabla de Bañera EXTRAPLANA
Bath Bench EXTRAPLANA, Specially Sized Bench, Maximum Access in the Case of Lateral Transfer, Ref. Ad557

Bathtub table, especially sized and slimline to facilitate the widest access in the case of lateral transfer. With non-slip surface.

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Tabla de Transferencia con Asiento Giratorio
Transfer Table with Swivel Seat, User Comfort, Ref. L2282

Transfer table, made of plastic, with non-slip grip that increases safety during transfer comfort when seated. Facilitates its transfer turntable

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Tabla Transferencia de 4 Láminas
Table 4 Transfer Foils, Up to 150 Kg. Great Comfort for Entering and Leaving the Bath, Ref. L2181

Transfer Table 4 sheets of great comfort ent and out of the tub, its design allows good drainage while in use. The table is easily attached inside the tub

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Tabla de Bañera Bariátrica
Bath Bench, EXTRALARGE, Larger Dimensions that Normal Benches, Ref.AdH1093

Table EXTRAGRANDE plastic tub, larger than tables currents. enhanced and rapid drainage that gives confidence to the user

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elevador de bañera
Elevator Bath, BELLAVITA BATH LIFT, More Consistent with the Needs of Today, Ref. Dr470100

Ultramodern elevator bathtub, developed with the help of nurses, which includes great new features of a bath lift device at this price. THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN MAINLAND SPAIN

not rated 108.49 527.39  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Elevador de Baño Inflable
(Español) Elevador de Baño Inflable Able2, Permite Disfrutar de un Agradable Baño, Ref. AbPR46080

(Español) Con un peso de solo 2 kg. y con un nuevo asa de transporte, es sumamente portátil, por lo que es ideal para llevar a visitas o vacaciones.

contrelle activgard

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Are you trying to tackle the problem of getting into and out of your bathtub more easily & safely?

Product designers have devised a wide variety of creative equipment solutions to help you do just that.

Benches, lifts and transfer chairs can assist you to eliminate the most difficult and dangerous part, which is ‘stepping over the bathtub wall’