Botella de Agua WATERTRACKER
(Español) Botella de Agua WATERTRACKER, Atractiva, Moderna y Funcional, Ref. AbBR6221-NB

(Español) El filtro de acero inoxidable es perfecto para mezclar los polvos de bebidas y deportivas.

También es ideal para beber té de hojas sueltas, agua con trozos de limón, etc.

¡WaterTracker® ha sido diseñado para ayudarlo a monitorear su ingesta diaria de agua, lo que lo lleva a una salud mucho más saludable!


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vaso novo
Nova Cup, Spill-Proof When Tipped Over, Ref. AbPR65075

(Español) Completo control del fluido, sin necesidad de incorporarse o levantar la cabeza.

Ideal para personas con movilidad reducida en la cabeza o cuello.


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Botes Multiusos se Abren con UNA MANO
Multipurpose Botes A HAND, Approved Food: Coffee, Sugar, Biscuits, Pasta, … Ref. UgRB

Multipurpose boats, just light pressure with the finger, hand or elbow to open and close. Suitable for food.

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Taza HANDYCUP con Tapa 3
Handycup Mug with Lid, Transparent with Top, Allows Drinking without Backward Tilt Head, Ref. AbPR65646

Coffee inclined with large handles. Allowed to drink without tilting the head back. It is suitable for children and adults with coordination difficulties.

not rated 12.93 13.11  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Non Spill Cup, WILLIAMS CUP, 200 ml. Perfect Vessel to Avoid Spills,, Ref. AbALW100

The perfect vessel to prevent leakage. Suitable for anti spill fines (milk, tea, coffee, wines) and thick liquids (soup, puree, yogurt) The real glass.

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Tazón con Asas y Tapa
Bowl with Handles and Lid, Ref. AbPR65032

This bowl has a flat and long handles. Includes two caps with nozzle. The bowls are dishwasher safe; no caps.

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Vaso Ergonómico con Tapa
Ergonomic Glass with Lid, System for Anti-Spill, Ref. AdH5725

Virtually unbreakable glass that is very easy to grip, even with small hands or low muscle tone. Anti-spill liquid system.

not rated 7.35  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Vaso ETAC, Permite Agrar el Vaso Firmemente 2
Glass ETAC, Add the Glass enables Firmly, Ref. AdH5740

Clear glass with Sweden's teat ETAC, the special design of the bracket allows grasping the glass firmly with both hands.

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vaso con asas
Plastic Cup with Two Handles, Ref. AdH5710

This cup is very stable for its wide base and has two handles anatomical and inclined to drink in the best position. Cover with nipple included.

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NOVOCAP, Perfect for Bedridden Users, Allows you to Drink Comfortable While Lying Down, Ref. UgNC

Pistero is perfect for bedridden, even with minimal autonomy users. Full control of fluid without stand up or head.

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boca ancha
Tapas Pisteros, Existe 4 Modelos para los Pisteros

Tapas con boca estrecha , indicada para líquidos, con sistema de vacío que impide derramar el líquido.

not rated 2.60 4.90  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
vasos pistero
Rika Sure Grip Mug, Ergonomically Designed, Easy to Hold, Even in Small or Weak Hands, Ref.UgRV

Piteros, donde el líquido no se derrama cuando se cae (con la tapa estrecha).Esto lo hace especialmente indicado para pacientes encamados.

not rated 5.75  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Plastic Cup Two Handle with Two Lids, Suitable for Microwave, Ref.AdH5720

Plastic cup, includes two covers: one spill and another peak for drinking. Microwave and dishwasher (the glass, caps, no).

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Vaso NOSEY, Ideal para Personas con Artritis 2
Glass NOSEY,Ideal for People with Arthritis, Ref. AdM010

Glass, ideal for those with arthritis or limited mobility of the head, neck or upper extremity.

not rated 3.49 5.32  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Vaso KNICK Cup Con Dos Tapas. Orificios 4 y 8 mm.
Adjustable Feeding Cup, Opening 4 y 8 mm. (Par),Vertical drop or a Angular Position, Ref. AdH5754

With teat cup which can be positioned vertically or in an angled position where the lower head tilt is required.

not rated 6.26  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart

Cups and Mugs: Activities of daily living are defined as the set of activities (routine and daily physical functions) that are common to all human beings and should be carried out regularly to maintain the independence of an individual in their normal environment.
In the field of glasses and cups we have options available:
Cup with two handles
Transparent glass
Cut glass
Dysphagia cup
Cup feeding with adjustable peak
Hand pump for fluid