Muleta Plegable, Regulable en Altura 2
Folding Crutch, Adjustable Height, PAR o UNIDAD, Can be Transported Very Descreetly, Ref. L2163

Foldable and adjustable in height, perfect to be transported comfortably and discreetly in a backpack, suitcase, wardrobe, car, etc. Crutch

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muletas ergonómicas
Crutches ERGODYNAMIC, UNIT or PAIR, Equipped With a Shock Absorbing Mechanism, Ref. Ve000M50, VIDEO

Muleta Ergodynamic con empuñadura ultra-suave acolchada ¡equipada con un mecanismo de absorción de choques!

16.35 30.50  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Accesorios Muletas FDI Forearm Crutches
X-Accesorios Muletas ErgoFDI, Cinta, Empuñadura, para Muleta Ergodynamic y Más, Ref. Ve00MA004

Accesorios Muletas ErgoFDI, Cinta, Empuñadura, Contera, Clip, Tripòde CINTA MULETA (Par) Cinta para Muleta Ergodynamic Ref:00MA09 PRECIO 5.00 € con IVA … Read More

1.65 12.75  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Muletas Access
(Español) Muletas ACCESS Comfort, FDI Crutches, UNIDAD o PAR, Un Diseño Singular, Asequible para Todos, Ref. Ve000M25

(Español) Un diseño singular, asequible para todos, con el nivel adecuado de confort y especificaciones para el uso diario.

not rated 9.50 17.95  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Muletas Opticomfort premium
not rated 10.15 19.30  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
muletas ergodynamic
Crutches ERGOTECH, PAIR or UNIT, An Ultra-Soft Grip That Folds Up, Ref. Ve000M40

Ergotech crutches with ultra padded handle, large tunability with 14 regulations.

not rated 10.23 18.85  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Crutches SAFEWALK, PAR or UNIT, Black, High Material Strength and Quality, Ref. Ve000M10

Canadian crutch height adjustable crutch SafeWalk manufactured with high strength material and quality.

not rated 8.60 15.95  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
muletas de colores
Forearm Color Crutches, You Will Not Suffer Tendinitis, Ref. Indes-001

The INDESmed aluminium color crutches series keep the exclusive curved an oval frame, and are available on four amazing mate colors to fit your favourite style.

not rated 53.90  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
mujer conmuleta de fibra de carbono
Carbon Fiber Crutches, NO Tendinitis Guaranteed, Ref. Indes-002

Its tip of high friction coefficient rubber and Dupon, highly improves the safety of the user and decreases simultaneously the total weight. Buy now the best forearm crutches!

not rated 204.80 405.58  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Accesorios Muletas IndesMed
(Español) Accesorios Muletas Bastones INDESmed. Para muletas, bastones y andadores. Ref Indes009 CALIDAD SUPREMA

(Español) INDESmed: Hoy INDESmed es líder en productos para movilidad y pronto lo será en otros campos. INDESmed se mueve al ritmo del Siglo XXI.

En realidad, cada vez que compras en INDESmed tú también estas mejorando el futuro.

Accesorios: Mango con Funda de Silicona. Funda de Silicona, Contera, Abrazadera


not rated 11.25 36.57  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
not rated 10.68 19.98  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
accesorios muletas
(Español) Accesorios Muletas, LIGHT-SOFT, BASTÓN INGLÉS,…Ref. L2153G

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

not rated 1.75 26.00  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
bastón inglés estampado
(Español) Bastón Inglés Estampado, Regulable en Altura, Extensible, PAR, Diseñado con el Propósito de Asistir al Caminar, Ref. L2164, VIDEO, DESTACADO

(Español) Las ayudas técnicas y productos de apoyo como las muletas, los bastones o los andadores, son las más utilizadas para ayudar a caminar a estas personas de una manera más correcta y segura.


not rated 28.75  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Bastón Inglés Anatómico PAR. Peso máx. 135 kg. Una buena adaptación.
Anatomical Handle Cane, Weight Max. 135 kg, Ref. L2157

English Cane with anatomical handle, flexible and foldable clamp to get a good fit in the arm movements, and hold the stick.

not rated 39.50  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Bastón de Aluminio STANDARD, Gran Estabilidad 3
STANDARD Aluminum Cane, System ‘Anti-Noise’ Integrated, Ref. Ad101a

Cane aluminum, high stability, on 9 position height adjustment to soil, incorporating 'Anti-Noise' system allows a silent march.

not rated 6.22  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
bastón inglés integral
English Walking Stick, (Crutch) Integral, PAR, Adjustable Height, Ref. L2148

With just a few tips and a little practice, though, most people are able to quickly gain confidence and learn how to use a walking aid safely.

not rated 12.50 13.25  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Bastón con Puño Anatómico Blando, Aluminio
Anatomical Crutch , UNIT, Made of Aluminum and of Great Stability. Ref. Ad112

walking stick made of aluminum very stable and adjustable in 9 heights, with anatomic soft grip SOFT (antibacterial), for greater comfort.

not rated 13.38  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Bastón de Aluminio EXTRA LARGO, Gran Estabilidad
EXTRA LONG Aluminum Cane, UNIT, Great Stability. Ref. Ad101XXL

Walking stick made of aluminum high stability and 9 position height adjustment to ground, ‘Anti-Noise’ integrated system between the tubes, allowing a quiet ride.

not rated 15.44  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Muleta con Codera PROGRESS 2, Hasta 150 kg
Elbow Crutch PROGRESS 2, Up to 150 kg, Lightweight, Ref. AbPR30087

Elbow crutch PROGRESS 2 cane is height adjustable between 72 and 96 cm. Elbow support is adjustable between 22 and 29 cm. Maximum load 150 kg.

not rated 12.90  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
bastón xl
Walking stick XL, Up To 325 kg.,Forearm Support Staff with width 15 cm., Ref. Ad103XL5

The walking stick XL, is a staff specially designed for bariatric users up to 325 kg.

not rated 71.36  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Bastón de Apoyo Antebrazo 2
Forearm Support Walking Stick, Extra Support During Short Term Rehabilitiation, Ref. Ad1322

Stick forearm support, made of aluminum and iron, height adjustable. The grip is adjustable in length and lateral tilt.

not rated 41.85  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Add to cart
Tripod Walking Stick, Provides for a Firm Grip for the Seniors Who Need Support, Ref. L2130

This tripod walking stick has a small but wider base than normal walking sticks and provides extra support and stability to you as you move.

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Muletas Axilares (Par), Doble Regulación 2
Axillary Crutches (Par), Double Regulation, Ref. Ad131a

Axillary crutches made of aluminum and double regulation. Lightweight and secure. Available in 3 sizes.

25.99 27.98  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Cuatripode Estampado. PESO MÁXIMO USARIO: 110 Kg.
European Style Quad Cane, Places the Users Weight Directly Over the Shaft for Safety, Ref. L353

Be careful when walking on uneven or wet surfaces. Use good posture when walking.

not rated 19.94  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options
Ribbed Inserts 25 and 28 cm., Is administer Peer, Ref. AdA105

Made of Ribbed inserts, available to adapt tubes Ø 25 Ø 28 mm mm.y. in gray. Supplied in pairs.

not rated 2.98 5.96  I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl. Select options

Technical aids to improve mobility of the disabled and elderly: Crutches

Can use one or two in the case of crutches, depending on the the needs of the disabled and elderly with reduced mobility.

Normally, the use of crutches after a leg injury indicates that you need a little help in balance or mobility.

A walking aid—a walker, crutches, or a cane—helps substitute for a decrease in strength, range of motion, joint stability, coordination, or endurance.

It can also reduce the stress on a painful joint or limb. Using a walking aid can help you be more safe and independent in your daily activities.