Andador Plegable De Aluminio TAKE AWAY
(Español) Andador Plegable De Aluminio TAKE AWAY. Caminador/Ambulador plegable de aluminio. Ref. L2109TA

(Español) No necesite levantar y soportar el peso del andador.

Fácil montaje. Montaje sin tornillos.

Una nueva colección de productos plegables y desmontables.

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Andador Caminador Plegable De Aluminio
Aluminum Folding Rollator with 2 Wheels, Ref. L2110

Folding aluminum Rollator interior. His two front wheels make push walker. Adjustable in height.

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Andador Classic Aluminio
Folding Aluminum Walker, Stable, Adjustable, Foldable, Ref. Ap0401010CM

Rollator Classic, provides maximum stability in daily life for people with limited mobility, double steel reinforcement for stability.

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Andador Plegable. Permite el movimiento mediante el apoyo
(Español) Andador Plegable. Permite el movimiento mediante el apoyo. Ref. L2109

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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Andador Deambulador Plegable
Aluminum Folding Walker, More Comfortable their Use, Ref. L2111

Walker whose characteristics means the patient does not need to lift and support the weight of the walker when walking,thus  being more comfortable to use.

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Caminador de Incorporación Plegable
Folding Walker, Serves as a Help For Rising from a Sitting Position, Ref.Ad232

Incorporation Folding walker, walking Besides, serves as an aid to rise from a sitting position, made of aluminum, folding.

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Caminador Aluminio. Muy Ligero
Fixed Aluminum Walker, Very Light, Ref. Ad230AD

Walking frame aluminum is articulated, foldable and lightweight. Progresses alternately left and right.

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Caminador Rígido Ligero
Rigid Walker, The Standard Pick-up Walker is Among the More Widely Used Medical Walker, Ref. AbPR30195

Lightweight aluminium walker, with black crossbrace. Can also beused as a toilet safety frame.

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(Español) Caminador Hugo Plegable y Ligero. Proporciona estabilidad y apoyo. AbAM770260 CALIDAD SUPREMA

(Español) Hecho de aluminio de calidad aeronáutica para una durabilidad ultra liviana.

Plegable Hugo® es el compañero perfecto si necesita estabilidad y soporte mientras camina.

Proporciona estabilidad y apoyo mientras camina dentro y fuera.

Ve a donde quieras ir, con estilo y confianza.


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Caminador de Aluminio ESCORT 2
Fixed Aluminum Walker ESCORT, Can be Equipped with 2 Front Wheels, Ref. InP435B

Fixed aluminum walker. It offers great stability thanks to the inclination of its legs. It is possible to provide 2 front wheels to move more easily.

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Caminador ATLAS
ATLAS Walking Frame with Forearm Support, Adjustable Height, Quality Plus, Ref. Ad203A

Walker adjustable height and equipped with wheels 75 x 21 mm, two with brakes. A body can rest on the fireproof pad.

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Caminador Bariátrico, Hasta 270 kg
Bariatric Walker XL, Up to 270 kg., Lightweight Chassis and Very Resistant, Ref. Ad230XL

(Español) Proporciona un alto grado de movilidad.

El andador puede acomodar a las personas mayores de hasta 270 kg.envio gratis Asister


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Caminador - MAXI, Axilar Plegable Almohadillado
Folding Padded Axillary Seat Walker GMA, Folding, with Cushioned Axillary Support, Ref. Ad252

Walker with padded axillary support is regulated in all directions and in height to suit anyone.

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Standard Walkers

Standard walker (walker without wheels) is a walking aid characterized by its use of platforms at the bottom of each leg, rather than wheels.

While wheels reduce friction and make movement easier, standard walkers tend to provide greater support and stability. They are typically used in the home and in the early stages of rehabilitation treatment.

If maintaining posture and balance is difficult with a wheeled walker, you may want to opt for a standard walker model.

At Asister we carry a wide selection of standard walkers and can accommodate users of all sizes.